If you are having your puppy shipped, you are responsible for all shipping charges, insurance on the puppy, and crate. Crates cost is approximately $30.00 (the crate will be yours to keep when the puppy arrives). There is also a $35.00 health certificate fee, that is required by the airlines in order to ship your puppy. Shipping usually costs approx. $115.00 - $190.00. The prices vary from different airlines... I prefer using Northwest which is the $115.00 plus ins. For insurance they charge $1.00 for every $200.00 of coverage, so normally that would be an extra $5.00 and tax. (Prices are subject to change. Up to the airlines.)

In order to ensure the healthiest and most well adjusted puppy possible I have determined that they may be picked up at 8 weeks. All puppies delivered by plane will not be shipped until they are 10 - 12 weeks old.

I reserve the right, at my sole descretion, to determine when the puppies are ready to be shipped out. I will do my very best to get your puppy to you as soon as possible, but there are sometimes delays. Inclement weather (i.e. too hot or too cold), hazerdous driving conditions, flight schedules, and puppy developement are all out of my control.

Understand that I WILL NOT ship a puppy unless I feel that the conditions are safe, and that the puppy is ready to make the trip. I do this to ensure that your puppy will arrive to your home safe and healthy. Thank you for your understanding.

Upon recieving puppy buyer has two business days to take puppy to the vet.

Half the purchase price will hold the puppy of your choice and is not refundable and must be recieved within 72 hours of decision. Balance must be paid before puppy leaves my home. I do not accept personal checks. Payment methods are: Money orders and Cashier checks. Puppy will be held for 3 days pending receipt of deposit. At which time puppies will become "available" again unless other arrangements are made.

When deciding to purchase a puppy be sure that it is in fact what you intend to do!


Puppies are reasonably priced, depending on coat, color, size and quality.

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